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A decade of experience

Virtuoso Consulting & Technology, a SEI-CMM Level-5 & ISO 9001 certified IT Consulting organization. We take pride in that our “customer only” focus has been helping enterprises achieve their business objectives to increase operational Efficiency and sustain competitive advantage.


VIRTUOSO was ESTABLISHED in 2011 in Dubai based upon the Philosophy of Integrating People, Process and Technology to develop sustainable solutions that simplify business, improve governance and Propel Societies forward.

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Smart & Integrated

Virtuoso Smart Utility

VSU ( Virtuoso Smart Utility) is a ready to deploy Smart & Integrated platform offering Harmonized and Homogenized processes addressing the business needs of Electricity, Water & Gas distribution business. The advantage of VSU is

  • It can deployed on cloud or On premise
  • It is available on CAPEX , OPEX and in combination