Smart & Integrated

Virtuoso Smart Utility

VSU ( Virtuoso Smart Utility) is a ready to deploy Smart & Integrated platform offering Harmonized and Homogenized processes addressing the business needs of Electricity, Water & Gas distribution business. The advantage of VSU is

  • It can deployed on cloud or On premise
  • It is available on CAPEX , OPEX and in combination

VSU Solution Overview

  • EnergyIP MDM solution from Siemens is tightly integrated with back end preconfigured S/4Utilities and  forms the heart of the Product
  • Virtuoso Smart Portal (VSP) allows a role based access to Customer Self Services , Smart Metering Analytics , Reporting Dashboards and Smart Revenue Management ( as Dashboard)
  • Virtuoso Energy Trading Platform is a futuristic energy trading platform capable of Integrating with Regulator’s portal
  • Virtuoso OMNI is a one stop Integration hub with tailor made webservices available for a smooth and streamlined integration of various elements of VSU and non VSU systems like non SAP billing System, GIS, HES ….
  • Mobile Application including some WFM functionalities

We are continuously building, watch out for release 2 of VSU


Product Brochure